I've noticed a change in his fur, it's much so softer & shines bright! I also love how it helps his breath. So glad we tried this food!

Kaitlin B.

Ever since Tailored’s specifically formulated food I’ve noticed a positive difference in her stool, coat, teeth, & she’s been itching less. I love it!

Miranda H.

Life changer. This food has completely changed my pup’s finicky digestive issues. Amazing food.

Lisa S.

Lily waits impatiently every day for her blend. She's been eating Tailored for 3 months & has lost 4 pounds!

Tom S. and Lily

Impressed! Cherokee loves his new food. He has more energy, & his coat looks much brighter!

Mary G. and Cherokee

Absolutely fantastic. The quiz to help with product selection is extremely helpful. Overall, I've been super impressed. He devours his food. Gold stars all around.

Brian P. and Watson