2 Surprisingly affordable. Custom recipes.

Tell us about your pup. For about the same price as a specialty Pet Store recipe, we customize high-quality nutrition for their needs, and ship to you. Age, breed, activity level, sensitivities? Answer a few questions, and treat your best friend to the custom meal plan best for their health.


So pleased with the price! We want to do right by our dog, but spending tons on expensive specialized food isn't feasible. Love how Tailored is well-balanced, nutritious & doesn't cost a fortune!

Maeve G.

She has so many allergies & food intolerances... Tailored helped customize an affordable food that's helped her so much. Her coat's shiny again, & she's excited to eat!

Kerri B.

I've been looking for a healthy diet for Kafé, but they're so expensive. Tailored is affordable & healthy. I've seen improvements in his stool, breath, & coat. I love it! He absolutely loves his food now! Thank you, Tailored!

Jasayli E.

My Pomeranian loves it! I was using vet prescription & expensive brand food, but this is a definite hit with her. Thank you for an amazing product!

Caroline J.

New customers! Truly 'TAILORED' for your dog & specialized needs. From the assessment to speedy delivery, reasonable cost & my dogs' tails wagging faster at mealtimes!

Adriana M.

Healthy, affordable, & amazing customer service! Good quality food! So far I'm in love!!! 😉

Larisa Y.

2 Priced for your reality

We believe quality shouldn’t have to come at a cost. Our recipes are health-first, lick-the-bowl-clean delicious, and always fairly priced. Plus, subscribe & save 10%, and get free delivery on every food order.
Long-haired Dachshund next to her Tailored dog food bag

3 No-hassle subscriptions

Snooze or change any time. Cancel any time. You're in control with our flexible subscriptions. You decide how much and how often — from 7.5 to 40-pound bag options, and refills from every 2 to 12 weeks. Customize your plan by logging into your account, or chat, email or call us.
Woman receiving her Tailored subscription at her house

4 Free carbon-neutral delivery

Your supply of custom kibble always ships carbon neutral, fast, and free right to your dog door. We'll fetch your pup's recipe as you need it or just as a one-time purchase.
Standard poodle and his Tailored subscription at his door

5 100% guaranteed

We’re so sure you and your dog will love Tailored, that your order is risk-free. Lick-the-bowl-clean delicious recipes and wagging tails or your money back.