2 Your dog’s needs will change over their lifetime.

Tailored's customized plans make it easy to personalize natural wellness for each phase of your dog's life. Getting a little older and wiser? Our Pup Success Specialists check-in with you as your pup reaches certain milestones. As they grow from energetic puppy, to active adult and senior, you'll simply update their pet profile, and our Canine Nutrition Experts will ensure they receive the right nutrition to thrive — from wee pup to loveable senior. Your pup's custom feeding instructions also adjust as they age, so you can be sure they're getting precise nutrition to be their best in every stage of life.

3 Nourish your Puppy's growth + development.

Like any baby, the first several months of life is a crucial development stage for puppies (age 0-18 months for most dogs). During this time, your puppy is experiencing rapid bone, muscle, brain, vision and digestive growth and development, setting them up for a lifetime of health and happiness. During this formative year, it's especially important to find the best dog food that will provide your puppy with Tailored® nutrition to support their healthiest development. And, so you'll always know precisely how much to feed your pup, every Tailored plan provides specific feeding amounts as your puppy grows — from weaning to 18 months.

4 Make your Senior dog's life as full as can be.

During their golden years, it’s important to keep your older dog as healthy as possible to ensure they feel their best in the later part of life. Tailoring the right balanced nutrition with optimal nutrients for their aging needs plays a big role in the quality of their senior years. Briefly tell us about their body condition, activity level, mobility and immunity, so our nutrition experts can customize the health-focused food your senior dog needs to live their longest, healthiest life with you.


As a growing puppy, it's incredibly important that my baby receives all the nutrients needed for a long & happy life. Thank you to the Tailored team for creating such a unique system!

Lizzy N.

Senior is doing amazing! Food's great! We have a senior who's had health issues. He's always had loose stool. After 3 weeks, it's completely resolved itself. He has so much more energy & is bouncing all over the place!

Amanda B.

My puppy no longer compulsively tenses, hunches & scratches his back when touched because of dry skin. His coat is shinier & bowl is emptier! I'm very happy with Tailored!

Baylee R.

Our girls love this food, & the improvement in energy level of our almost 12-year-old GSD is remarkable!

Beth G.

I'm very excited to nourish my dog with customized nutrition based on her needs! I love that glucosamine & chondroitin are added to her meals, & we might stop her supplements. She seems to love it!

Jenni W.

Gizmo LOVES his Tailor made food! The selection was ‘Tailored’ to where my pup is in his life & journey.

Eric G.

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