1 Our nutrient-dense recipes pack a punch.

Our science-backed kibble blends are designed by leading pet nutrition experts, and approved by vets and pet parents. Each recipe delivers 100% complete and balanced, nutrient-dense nutrition to unleash your dog's best health. We start with delicious, high-quality proteins like chicken, salmon and bison, add farm-grown veggies and fruits, and wholesome, healthy legumes like lentils and peas — for just what your dog needs, and nothing they don't. Guaranteed.
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What experts say about our kibble

Feeding a high-quality kibble can be a convenient way to keep your pet on a healthy diet.

- Dr. Emily Luisana, DVM

If you feed a really good food, like Tailored, that has all natural ingredients + meat #1, you can prevent many skin problems + ear infections from occurring.

- Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM

Dental disease is one of the most common problems vets see in their patients. Kibble can help keep your pet's teeth clean of tartar.

- Dr. Emily Luisana, DVM

The antioxidant + anti-inflammatory aspect of Tailored's diets helps prevent allergic conditions from occurring.

- Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM

3 Clean teeth? Healthy gums? Yes, please.

Did you know that veterinarians recommend high-quality kibble to help keep your pup's mouth free of tartar and reduce their chance of developing gingivitis? It's true. Pups who eat a fresh or soft diet develop earlier signs of dental disease than their kibble-nourished counterparts. Dental disease is one of the most common problems that Veterinarian Emily Luisana sees in patients. She recommends a high-quality kibble diet, like Tailored®, not only for good oral health, but total body health, as well.

4 We’re feeding a happier, healthier Earth.

At Tailored, we're committed to eco-responsible pet ownership throughout each step of our business model, from thoughtful product creation to delivery. This includes our larger, recyclable packaging — instead of single-use cans or pouches, which create more daily waste. Plus, from our recycling partnership with TerraCycle, to our carbon neutral shipping, biodegradable extras made from sustainable materials (like bamboo), and no fridge or freezer required, we're an earth-friendly option both you and your pup will feel good about.

2 Safe and sound for every hound.

Every batch of Tailored kibble is safely cooked in the USA in qualified facilities, crafted with the highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers around the world. Each of our kibble blends is always formulated and thoroughly tested for nutritional quality before we ship it to your door.

5 Tailored to their needs. Uniquely affordable.

For about the same price as a specialty Pet Store recipe, we personalize high-quality nutrition for your pup's needs, and ship to you. Our fairly-priced custom plans start around $25 per month for a small dog. Take the quiz to see what Canine Journal calls, "personalized kibble at an affordable price." You can start with 50% off your first bag of custom food, 10% off future orders, and always free shipping.

One quick quiz, a lifetime of results.

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