Ingredients Tailored for sensitive systems.

Does your dog have a myriad of allergies or sensitivities? Frequently bite their paws? Got hot spots? Tummy troubles? They may have an intolerance and may thrive on a personalized, limited ingredient food for dogs with allergies. Our brief quiz guides you through a series of health questions and ingredients to avoid to gently support their sensitive system. Tell us if you'd like to avoid common ingredient offenders — grains, gluten, potatoes or proteins like chicken or red meat. Tailored® blends never include any corn, wheat, soy or filler ingredients.

1 Ingredients Tailored for better digestion.

Tired of cleaning up after messy GI issues? Dealing with vomiting, smelly gas, and / or loose stool on the regular? Your pup deserves to feel better. Mention these digestive health concerns in our quiz, and our experts will include the appropriate level of fermentable dietary fiber and add live good bacteria, called Probiotics, to their blend after cooking to support gentle digestion. Transform their gut health today by building a high-quality, highly digestible dog food blend.

2 Our limited ingredient blends pack a gentle punch.

Your pup's sensitive blend begins with less commonly used proteins like salmon, mackerel, bison, boar or duck — packed with essential nutrients to support healthy muscles and strong bones. Our limited ingredient blends never include any grain, gluten, corn, wheat, soy or filler ingredients. Instead, we use nutrient-rich fruits and veggies like sweet potatoes and butternut squash as natural sources of fiber and antioxidants. We also include fiber-rich legumes, like lentils and peas, to help support healthy digestion in your pup.

3 We did our homework because your dog probably ate yours.

We're a group of pet nutrition experts and pet parents who spent decades (centuries, in dog years) studying pet health and nutrition. We're supported by a team of leading veterinary nutritionists who personalize health-first formulas for every kind of dog — and leave out the corn, wheat, soy and filler ingredients. We include just what your pup needs, and nothing they don't. Our science-backed dog food blends are approved by vets and thousands of happy dogs and pet parents.
Sensitive dog lying next to her grain-free dog food bag

4 Safe and sound for every hound.

Every Tailored® batch is safely cooked in the USA in qualified facilities, crafted with high-quality ingredients sourced only from trusted suppliers around the world. Each blend is formulated and thoroughly tested for nutritional quality.


She has so many allergies & food intolerances. Tailored helped customize a food that's helped her so much. Her coat's shiny again, she's excited to eat!

Kerri B.

With so many allergies, finding a food that fit Rigby's needs seemed impossible, until I found Tailored! He's now enjoying food that doesn't make him sick!!!

Bobbi C.

Just try it! Cooper's skin & fur is improving significantly. We'd tried vet treatments, different kinds of food... nothing helped his skin improve until we switched to Tailored!

Brandi D.

Oden is doing lots better since we found a food that has certain ingredients and not others. His hair is growing back. His eyes are not droopy and red anymore. He has more energy!

Erika D.

Her digestion has vastly improved since Tailored. She no longer has runny stool or vomiting after eating. Her skin & coat is shinier and overall healthier. I wouldn't go back to any other brand!

Sarah R.

We adopted a mixed breed who has skin sensitivities & issues. As we transitioned, we noticed immediate results in her skin rashes & redness!

Maeve G.

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