Tailored for sensitive systems.

Does your dog have a myriad of sensitivities? Frequently bite their paws? Got hot spots? Tummy troubles? They may have a food allergy or intolerance and may thrive on a personalized, limited ingredient blend. In just 3 minutes, our quiz guides you through a series of health questions and ingredients to avoid to gently support your pup's sensitive system. Tell us if you'd like to avoid grains, gluten, potatoes, chicken, or red meat — some common ingredient offenders.

Tailored for a healthier weight.

Does your pup need to lose or gain a few pounds? Answer a few questions about their waistline and activity level, so our experts can personalize their perfect nutrition. Their unique blend will feature the balanced nutrient density for their lifestyle, with the appropriate ratio of protein, fat, and kilocalories per cup to help them achieve a healthy weight. Plus, their recipe comes with customized feeding instructions to help them crush their personal weight goals.

Tailored for increased mobility.

Is your pup slow and struggles to get to their feet? Do they not bound up as quickly and easily as they used to? Do you give them joint health supplements? You may be able to achieve their mobility goals through Tailored® nutrition. Our experts will personalize a unique recipe with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to help support their joint and mobility health. Have a senior, large breed, or overweight dog? Tell us in our brief quiz.

Tailored for better digestion.

Tired of cleaning up after messy GI issues? Dealing with vomiting, smelly gas, and / or loose stool on the regular? Your pup deserves to feel better. Mention these digestive health concerns in our quiz, and our experts will include the appropriate level of fermentable dietary fiber and add live good bacteria, called Probiotics, to their blend after cooking to support gentle digestion. Transform their gut health today by building a high-quality, highly digestible blend.

Tailored for shinier coats.

Does your best furry friend have a dry, dull coat? Does their itchy or flaky skin irritate them? Do they experience frequent skin infections and / or hair loss? Tell us in our quick, 3-minute health quiz. Our canine nutrition experts will tailor the perfect skin-focused blend for your pup, with the right balance of essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid nutrients to nourish their healthiest skin and softest, shiniest coat — from the inside-out.


She has so many allergies & food intolerances. Tailored helped customize a food that’s helped her so much. Her coat’s shiny again, she’s excited to eat!

Kerri B.

With so many allergies, finding a food that fit Rigby's needs seemed impossible, until I found Tailored! Quick to respond to my questions & concerns... he's now enjoying food that doesn't make him sick!!!

Bobbi C.

We adopted a mixed breed who has skin sensitivities & issues. As we transitioned, we noticed immediate results in her skin rashes & redness!

Maeve G.

Lily waits impatiently every day for her blend. She’s been eating Tailored for 3 months & has lost 4 pounds!

Tom S.

My dog absolutely loves his food now! I've seen improvements in Kafé's stool, his breath, & his coat. Thank you, Tailored!

Jasayli E.

Best food! My dogs love this! One always refused to eat dry, but she gobbles this down! My other would always leave a little behind. Now he wants more! It's helped with weight, coats, stools, etc. Highly recommend!

Dawn F.

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