As a growing puppy, it's incredibly important my baby receives all the nutrients needed for a long + happy life. Thank you to the Tailored team for creating such a unique system!

Lizzy N.

My puppy no longer compulsively tenses, hunches + scratches his back when touched because of dry skin. His coat is shinier + bowl emptier! I'm very happy with Tailored!

Baylee R.

Confidence I'm feeding my puppy healthy! My dog is only 2 mos. old, so I want her to get life on the right foot with a great diet. I love the ingredients + customization from Tailored. I’ll be sticking with this + love that I can alter the recipe as needed down the road.

Mc A.

We have a Bulldog + have tried so many types of puppy food + nothing seemed to work for his sensitive tummy/skin until Tailored. Since Tailored, he isn't as gassy, doesn’t itch as much + seems to have more energy. By far this is the best food he's eaten. Thanks!!!!


FINALLY. We've struggled so much to find a food that our 5 month old Golden Retriever will eat! Everything either gave him the runs, or he just refused to eat it. THANK YOU, Tailored! We got the turkey, oatmeal, pea blend and our puppy is happy, + so is his tummy!


Our pup had been having ISSUES with digestion. We were feeding quality, sensitive stomach kibble, but store brands weren't cutting it. We discovered Tailored + saw an immediate difference: digestion seemed to improve overnight!

Marie-Eve P.

1 Truly custom nutrition, right to your (puppy) door.

Take 3 minutes to tell us your pup’s age, size, breed, sensitivities and wellness goals. Our experts will customize a vet-approved recipe based on your growing puppy’s needs – so they can live their happiest, healthiest life. Use code FURBABY at checkout for 70% off your first food order. We guarantee your pup will love it, or your money back.

3 Nourish your puppy's growth + development.

Like any baby, the first several months of life is a crucial development stage for puppies (age 0-18 months for most dogs). During this time, your puppy is experiencing rapid bone, muscle, brain, vision and digestive growth and development, setting them up for a lifetime of health and happiness. During this formative year, it's especially important to find the best dog food that will provide your puppy with Tailored® nutrition to support their healthiest development. And, so you'll always know precisely how much to feed your pup, every Tailored plan provides specific feeding amounts as your puppy grows — from weaning to 18 months.

5 For their happiest, healthiest life.

High-quality nutrition is the foundation for your puppy's long, happy, and healthy life with you. Your vet-approved puppy blend will include DHA for healthy brain and vision development and an optimal blend of nutrients for their growing bones. From adorable puppy to sensitive adult and senior, Tailored crafts personalized recipes for the changing needs of your pup. Get started today with 70% off your first subscription puppy food order with code FURBABY.

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