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Mary G.


  • “Impressed! Max loves his new food. He has more energy, & his coat looks much brighter!”
  • Maeve G.


  • “We adopted a mixed breed who has skin sensitivities & issues. As we transitioned, we noticed immediate results in her skin rashes & redness!”
  • Addison S.


  • “My puppy had constant upset stomach until we tried this dog food. He's growing, his fur is shiny and his stomach issues no longer get slow him down.”
  • 2 Truly Personalized Nutrition

    We take the guesswork out of choosing the right food for your pup. Our experts craft personalized blends based on your dog's age, breed, size, sensitivities, and wellness goals. Whether your dog needs smoother digestion, a shinier coat, or more energy, we tailor their recipe with the precise nutrition for their unique needs.

    3 Affordable & Convenient

    At Tailored, we want to make personalized nutrition accessible for every pet parent. That's why we craft your pup's unique blend and ship it fast & free to your door, saving you a trip to the store. Pricing varies by your dog's needs and size. Get started with an 8-lb bag for as little as $25, plus new subscribers save 50% on their first bag of custom food.

    4 For Their Happiest, Healthiest Life

    High-quality nutrition is the foundation for a long and healthy life. From growing puppies, to adults with sensitive stomachs, and overweight seniors, Tailored crafts personalized recipes for the changing needs of your pup.

    Meet our experts



    Dr. Emily Luisana has 19+ years of experience in the veterinary field. After earning her DVM, she worked in general practice until returning to NC State University’s veterinary school to pursue a Clinical Nutrition residency. She is currently working towards an animal nutrition specialty with the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists. Dr. Emily's research focuses on pet parent feeding habits, and she has a particular interest in nutrition plans for ICU patients, the role of weight loss in pain management, and geriatric animal care.



    Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM, has 23 years of experience as a board-certified veterinarian, specializing in general and emergency medicine, surgery and dentistry. She's owned and operated five different veterinary clinics and hospitals. Through her extensive research in the areas of pet health and wellness and her work with national health organizations, Dr. Kat continues to show her deep love of animals and passion for educating pet parents on responsible pet ownership. Plus, she's a proud pet mom to 3-legged Shih-Poo mix, Sandy, and 19-year-young Maine Coon, Sushi.

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