Big or small, our experts nourish them all.

We believe no two dogs are the same... and their nutrition shouldn't be either. Your dog's breed size should always be taken into consideration when determining the right diet for your pup. So whether they're a giant snuggler with a myriad of sensitivities, or a tiny protector with boundless energy, every Tailored® recipe is expertly-optimized for your dog's unique needs and comes complete with personalized feeding instructions — so your pooch can live their longest, healthiest life with you.

1 Tailored for Large + Giant Breed dogs.

We love our gentle giants, but with their large stature can come big health concerns not seen by their petite counterparts — like orthopedic disease, joint health issues, obesity, and bloat. Tailoring the right balanced nutrition for their unique needs can help to control these issues and play a big role in the quality of their life. The smartest large dog breed diet needs to thoughtfully consider healthy mobility, lower caloric density, and lower fat content for our loveable big dogs.

2 Tailored for Toy + Small Breed pups.

Did you know small dogs benefit from specialized nutrition for their miniature system? Foods Tailored for small dog and toy dog breeds can help address specific needs related to their smaller stature — like meeting their higher energy requirements. Petite pups also have smaller stomachs, which means they have higher energy and nutrient density and digestibility needs, and they have longer lifespans than their larger counterparts, which means antioxidant-rich nutrition can help them thrive and live their healthiest life.


My 14-year-old Lab's been on Tailored for 10 days, but it's already made a difference in his coat. His fur is noticeably shinier. He loves his chicken blend. I've already ordered his next bag!

Denise P.

My two 2-year-old American Eskimos turned up their nose at every dry food I bought them! They were so picky, but they are loving this food! They'll even take it as treats! I'm a very happy owner! Thank you!

Denise B.

Finally! My 2 Chihuahuas just love this food. My very picky girl eats the whole bowl. It's never been so easy to feed them!

Melissa O.

Rocky is loving his new Tailored recipe! ❤️ Being a little guy, this kibble is the perfect size for him to munch on!

Steph B.

My Mini Aussie, Luna, absolutely loves her Tailored food!! It's incredibly important that my baby receives all the nutrients needed for a long & happy life. Thank you to the Tailored team for creating such a unique system.

Lizzy N.

She's Shih Tzu/Yorkie, so her stomach's tiny. She now has smooth stools, is gaining weight, & much more playful & active. Thanks for all you did... I'll continue to purchase Tailored. So much help in such a little bite!

Jo L.

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