2 Vet-Approved Recipes for Large Breed Puppies + Adults

Our lovable, larger-than-life companions have unique nutritional needs throughout their lives, starting with supporting healthy growth and development as puppies to maintaining a healthy weight, good digestion, and joint mobility for adults. That’s why Tailored provides expertly-formulated blends to address the unique needs of your gentle giant at every age and stage for their happiest, healthiest life.

3 Choosing the Best Large Breed Dog Food

Large Breeds make great companions, secure with their place in the world and extremely loyal to their pet parents. But their large stature requires a carefully managed diet to avoid some of the more common health concerns. Larger dogs like German Shepherds and Labradoodles can suffer from joint problems due to their bigger size and the stress they put on their joints, especially if they become overweight. These and other gentle giants like Great Danes are also more prone to digestive issues, including bloat. They need a balanced diet with lower fat content and the right amount of fiber for healthy digestion and stool quality. You can learn more about the nutritional needs of Large Breed dogs below.

2 The Right Dog Food for Large Breed Puppies

Have you recently added a snuggle buddy to your family – maybe a floofy Golden Retriever puppy or a pint-sized Pit Bull? If you’re the lucky pet parent of a Large Breed puppy, you’ll want to ensure they get the proper nutrition to support their ideal growth rate and avoid too much stress on their developing bones and joints. They should eat a puppy-specific diet for the first 18 months or until your Vet recommends switching to adult food. Tailored offers Vet-approved recipes based on the unique needs of your puppy. Check out our Large Breed puppy nutrition guide below to learn more.


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Tuna loves his Tailored food! He's allergic to chicken, so it's great we have the option to feed him a different protein. He's a big dog, so I love that he can get food tailored to his large breed!

Elaine I.

Our German Shepard 💗 her new food. Her white coat looks healthier + softer since her transition. She cleans her bowl each time she eats. Will continue to use + highly recommend.

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Our 2 mastiffs pups, Eve + Maisy, Love this food! We tried sooooo many different foods to find one that was healthy + that they would eat. Tailored came thru with flying colors!

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My two 2-year-old American Eskimos turned up their nose at every dry food I bought them! They were so picky, but they're loving this food! They'll even take it as treats! I'm very happy! Thank you!

Denise B.

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