Our Story

We're a group of pet nutrition experts and pet parents who spent decades (centuries, in dog years) studying pet health and nutrition. Together, we set out to solve a problem: Every dog has their own unique wellness needs, but with so many overwhelming options in the pet food aisle all claiming to do different things for our dogs, it's difficult to find the one that checks all the boxes. 

So Tailored® was born — a company that crafts health-first, personalized recipes, delivers quickly to your door, and does all of these things at a fair price. 

Our chefs are well trained.

Tailored is supported by a team of leading innovators and pet lovers who spent years studying pet nutrition and the science of giving better belly rubs. 

Our Veterinary Advisory Board


doctor of veterinary medicine

Dr. Emily Luisana has 17+ years of experience in the veterinary field. After earning her DVM, she worked in general practice until returning to NC State University’s veterinary school to pursue a Clinical Nutrition residency. She is currently working towards an animal nutrition specialty with the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists. Dr. Emily's research focuses on pet parent feeding habits, and she has a particular interest in nutrition plans for ICU patients, the role of weight loss in pain management, and geriatric animal care.


doctor of veterinary medicine

Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM, has 21 years of experience as a board-certified veterinarian, specializing in general and emergency medicine, surgery and dentistry. She's owned and operated five different veterinary clinics and hospitals. Through her extensive research in the areas of pet health and wellness and her work with national health organizations, Dr. Kat continues to show her deep love of animals and passion for educating pet parents on responsible pet ownership. Plus, she's a proud pet mom to 3-legged Shih-Poo mix, Sandy, and 17-year-young Maine Coon, Sushi.

Our Experts


Pet Nutrition Expert

With more than 30 years of experience in product development for leading super and ultra premium pet food brands, Rudy is an expert in companion animal nutrition and pet food safety. At Tailored, Rudy lends his decades of Research and Development experience and background in engineering to ensure that each Tailored recipe is personalized to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each pet.



Dr. Lawrence Hawley, PhD in Biochemistry, has over 40 years of experience working in the pet food industry. His expertise lies in the areas of pet food formulation and canine / feline nutrition, as well as food quality and safety and regulatory compliance. Over the last four decades, Dr. Hawley has worked on the development of many first-of-their-kind pet food innovations, including the first life stage food for dogs and the first FDA-approved hairball treatment for cats.

What experts say about us

Nutritionists know that every dog is different + has their own nutritional needs + priorities.

Dr. Emily Luisana, DVM

The most important thing to ensure proper nutrition is to make sure the food is meeting the needs of the individual dog.

Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM

Tell us your dog's size, breed, age, sex, and activity level, and we give you the food that has the right nutrition for your dog.

Dr. Lawrence Hawley, PhD

Guiding pet owners to the right food is an individualized process + well worth the results.

Dr. Emily Luisana, DVM

Most foods have feeding instructions that are generic, not very helpful, and often confusing. Tailored takes away that confusion.

Dr. Lawrence Hawley, PhD

A pet will be most successful on a diet that is matched to health factors.

Dr. Katalin Grant, DVM

1 The meal of their dreams. Priced for your reality.

We believe quality shouldn’t have to come at a cost. Our recipes are health-first, lick-the-bowl-clean delicious, and always fairly priced.
Bag of Tailored dog food with ingredients around it Bag of Tailored Pet Nutrition dog food with ingredients

Fetching your food is the least we can do.

Fast, free and flexible delivery, no-hassle subscriptions, and 100% happiness, money-back guarantee. Have questions or concerns? Our Pup Success Team is friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help!

Pup Success Specialists


Pup Success Specialist

With more than 5 years of experience in the pet nutrition industry and a lighthearted spirit, Ashley is passionate about helping Tailored pet parents with any questions or concerns they may have about feeding their furbabies. Ashley is a proud dog mom herself to a 3-year-young Labradoodle named Teddy who is the light of her life.


Sr. Pup Success Specialist

Michael has two decades of experience working in the companion animal nutrition space and knows Tailored’s unique recipe personalization algorithm like the back of his hand. Michael is also a proud pet dad to a sweet German Shepherd puppy named Rosa and handsome rescue kitty named Dandelion.

And we’re feeding a happier, healthier Earth.

We have partnered with TerraCycle to make our bags recyclable. Click here to learn how to easily recycle your Tailored packaging for free.

You will love our biodegradable food scooper (made from 100% bamboo) that's dishwasher safe and included in first orders!

We ship carbon neutral, at no additional cost to you, and support urban and sustainable forestry programs in Pennsylvania and California.

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