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White small breed dog wearing bandana
By Rudy Leschke
1 Minute Read

Healthy Weight – How do I keep my dog at one?

There’s no magic formula when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight – it all boils down to calories in vs. calories out.
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White Standard Poodle standing in front of window seat
By Rudy Leschke
2 Minute Read

What makes the best food for healthy Skin + Coat?

Learn more about skin, the body's largest organ, and its important role in your pup's overall health.
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Shorkie dog
By Dr. Katalin Grant

Dog Anxiety – How to calm down an anxious pup

Does your pup hide under the bed during thunderstorms? Follow these simple tips to help ease your dog's anxiety.
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Pug mother with her puppies
By Rudy Leschke
4 Minute Read

What makes the healthiest food for pregnant or nursing dogs?

Your pup won’t crave pickles and ice cream during pregnancy and nursing, but her nutritional needs are incredibly important.

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St. Bernard eating dog food
By Rudy Leschke
2 Minute Read

Stool – What does it say about my dog's diet?

What does poo in your backyard have to do with the quality of your pup's food? 

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White Golden Retriever
By Rudy Leschke
5 Minute Read

Is DCM connected to my dog’s diet?

What is Tailored doing to address DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy)? What do I need to know as a pet parent?
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