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Probiotics – Does my pup need them?

Learn more about good bacteria called probiotics and their numerous health benefits for your dog.

By Rudy Leschke —

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Your dog's digestive system is full of billions of live “good” bacteria that help to break down food, destroy disease-causing cells, and produce vitamins. These good bacteria are called Probiotics and have numerous health benefits when consumed, like influencing your pet's immune response.

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While these good bacteria are typically naturally-occurring in the gut, levels can fluctuate, and added probiotics can help to keep levels regular. Humans often consume probiotics through naturally-fermented foods like yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut, or through supplements. Your pup will consume a special blend of added high-quality probiotics with every personalized Tailored recipe    

In addition to probiotics, which are added after the cooking process to ensure their survival, every Tailored recipe also includes a blend of Prebiotics  which act as food for the good bacteria – to ensure they maintain their viability in the gut.  

Along with being beneficial for general good health, probiotics have also successfully been used in pets to treat acute gastroenteritis or irritable bowel disorder and to minimize an allergic response.

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    About the author

    With more than 30 years of experience in product development for leading super and ultra premium pet food brands, Rudy is an expert in companion animal nutrition and pet food safety. At Tailored, Rudy lends his decades of Research and Development experience and background in engineering to ensure that each Tailored recipe is personalized to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each pet.



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