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What makes the best food for healthy Skin + Coat?

Learn more about skin, the body's largest organ, and its important role in your pup's overall health.

By Rudy Leschke —

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The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays an important role in the overall health of an animal. The health of a dog’s skin, and by extension their coat, can be affected by nutrient imbalances in key nutrients in their diet.    

Specifically, imbalances in protein, vitamin A, zinc & essential fatty acids, and a diet that is not properly balanced can often lead to skin issues, as can disorders that affect a pet’s ability to absorb nutrients, and food allergies or sensitivities.  

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A deficiency of protein will result in a condition called dermatoses – an itchy skin reaction that often presents in a rash, hair loss or lesions caused by scratching and biting - but this is fairly rare when feeding a high-quality diet. The effects of protein on inflammatory skin disease may be more related to a food allergy or sensitivity.    

Vitamin A deficiencies or excesses are also uncommon, although some dermatoses are treated through vitamin A supplementation. Essential fatty acids are components of cell-membranes, so maintaining the right balance of fats and oils in a diet is important to skin & coat health. In fact, elevated levels of linoleic acid and zinc have been shown to improve the skin & coat of healthy animals.   

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