What makes the best Toy + Small Breed food?

What makes the best Toy + Small Breed food?

Did you know your lil' pup may benefit from a specialized food for their miniature system?

By Rudy Leschke —

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As the perfect lap dogs and travel companions, the tiny (and portable) nature of small and toy breeds mean they often benefit from the ability to be our constant companions. While you’ve probably invested in the best small carrier, little dog bed, and maybe even tiny adorable outfit for your fur baby, did you know your little pup may also benefit from a specialized food for their miniature system?   

3 Primary objectives of Small Breed food: 

  • Slightly higher caloric content to support higher energy levels & small stomachs
  • Appropriate kibble size for smaller mouths
  • Rich antioxidant levels to prevent free radical damage over their longer lifespan

Small breed dog

While the basic puppy and adult food design are adequate for small breeds, due to their higher ratio of body surface area to body weight, small breed dogs have higher energy requirements than their large breed counterpartsThey also have smaller stomachs, which require a still higher energy and nutrient density and digestibility to easily meet growth or maintenance requirements.    

Most small breeds can handle average-sized kibble, but toy breeds typically benefit from a smaller kibble size for their extra small mouths, making it easier for them to chew and consume their food.  

Finally, small breeds usually live much longer than larger breeds and could be eating the same or similar food for 15 years or more. A diet rich in antioxidants can help prevent free radical damage over this long lifespan and are an important component in toy and small breed diets. 

Calories + Antioxidants:  

  • Caloric Content - 10% to 15% higher than an average adult food (similar to what is normally seen in a puppy food) 
  • Vitamin E - 550 IU/kg  
  • Vitamin C - 75 mg/kg  

Personalize the Perfect Small Pup Blend: 

Crafting the right nutrition for your tiny fur baby may be complicated, but feeding them shouldn't be. Tailored sends the personalized nutrition your toy or small breed needs right to your door, complete with customized feeding instructions, so all you need to do is cuddle!

Click here to tailor your petite pal’s recipe for a long, happy, healthy life.


About the author

With more than 30 years of experience in product development for leading super and ultra premium pet food brands, Rudy is an expert in companion animal nutrition and pet food safety. At Tailored, Rudy lends his decades of Research and Development experience and background in engineering to ensure that each Tailored recipe is personalized to meet the specific nutritional requirements of each pet.



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